Reviews of
Romani Redd: Stripped

A Book by Author Cindy Summer


“What a fascinating world Ms Summer has created around Sloane and the whole Gaspar family! While I was hooked by the subject matter, especially the healing and psychic abilities of Sloane and her mother, I quickly found myself drawn into the history and contemporary world of the Romani people (to me a mark of a wonderful book that has gripped my mind and imagination). I highly recommend this book for readers of all ages, you won't be disappointed! And I look forward to more titles from this author, especially a sequel to the amazing life of Sloane Gaspar Barzetti! ” ~ Jennifer Klide

“I just finished Romani Redd: Stripped. I loved it!!! So intriguing. So captivating! I could see every place, every character, and every action so clearly! The author paints with words!!I have so many questions about the characters with where they go from here!!!! Ah!!!!! I hope book installment #2 is already underway! I can honestly see this turning into a movie series. For real. Job well done!! ~ Donna Bassi

“Loved this book! The author weaves a story of a young girl finding her way through challenging situations while using humor and a storyline that unfolds in unexpected twists and turns. It is written in a way that you can actually feel what it is like to be psychic through the eyes of Sloane Barzetti and the Gaspar family. The book brings to light the interesting history of the Romani people with validation and respect. A great read for both young adults and mature adults. Can't wait for book number 2!” ~ Eve

“Romani Redd: Stripped is a fast paced adventure with a depth of dialogue that we don't always find in a book. This looks like a very inspired, first book for a series that I for one am looking forward to reading. I highly recommend it to you.” ~ Elaine D. Thomas, MS

“I really liked the book. Sloane is a well developed character and I enjoyed watching her journey of self discovery. I can relate to the themes of psychic powers/energy healing etc. I couldn't put the book down and I think it's great for ALL ages. You will not regret reading Summer's book!” ~ Carol Perkoski

“I loved reading this incredibly enchanting debut from Cindy Summer! Besides the plot being non-stop, I would say the best part of the book were the themes. Teenagers (and adults) will absolutely identify with the main character's journey to find herself and her voice in an environment that tries to silence her. Five stars!” ~ Heather

“I thought it was a really good book overall. It is good for any teen, young adult or grown up who likes magic-like healings using energy (which is really cool.) I thought the book was very well-written, and the details were very descriptive. Sloane is a very well-written and relatable character. She is very real, like, she could be a real person. It's a very good story and teaches us how important family and accepting yourself can be.”

“PS - I hate Tony, he's awful. He's also well written though, even if he's bad. All of the characters are so well made, and they all seem like real people that we could go outside and see.”
~ Caroline Ray